Jerarca is a suite of hierarchical clustering algorithms that provides a simple and easy way to analyze complex networks. It is designed to efficiently convert unweighted undirected graphs into hierarchical trees by means of iterative hierarchical clustering in order to extract their most modular partition based on certain parameters.

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o March 25/2010 - Creation of the project Jerarca in
o April 28/2010 - Jerarca released!
o July 15/2010 - Jerarca has been described in a recent publication:

                   Aldecoa R, Marín I (2010)
                   Jerarca: Efficient analysis of complex networks using hierarchical clustering
                   PLoS ONE 5(7): e11585

o August 24/2010 - Jerarca updated with some bugs fixed. We strongly recommend
                               all Jerarca users to upgrade to this release
o August 27/2010 - Users can now download a zip file containing two samples of
                               real-world networks in the format accepted by Jerarca.
o December 27/2012 - Bugs fixed.

o  Maintainer: Rodrigo Aldecoa (
    Ignacio Marin's Lab
    Instituto de Biomedicina de Valencia (Valencia, Spain)
o  Suggestions and bugs, please email Logo
Last Modified: 27-Dec-2012